Droom Digital is a creative startup that devises innovative solutions to derive liquidity from judgment, preferably employing digital technologies while targeting the democratization of investments in judgments.

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For judgment holders and investors

Today, on the one hand, holders of judgments face remarkably high discounts in negotiations with corporate and independent investors. Such discounts can easily be as high as 40% to 50%. On the other hand, retail investors do not have easy access to these judgments, which have high profitability and low correlation with other classes of credits. 

Our solutions for holders and investors are designed to fill this gap by reducing the discount for holders while offering safe profitability and convenience to retail investors.

On top of that, we are aware of the need to ensure procedural tranquility, given the growing number of purchasers of credit portions resulting from the retail assignments. We conduct our work while ensuring good procedural order.

Our products are built with attention to the legal solution at hand, innovating with safety; to the technological solution with an emphasis on blockchain; and to the establishment of successful collaborations with digital distributors, financial institutions and others.


Tokenized Assignments

Digital Fractional Assignments

Collateralized Crowd Funding

Institutional solutions

Another way of helping holders to derive liquidity from their judgments is by helping the public authorities to find technological solutions for easier and expanded access to tax abatement.
Through our innovative model, government authorities can use hard-to-recover debts to reduce their own indebtedness to holders of receivables and registered warrants.
Creditors get paid faster, debtors pay off their debts more economically and the government itself benefits from both the promotion of local economy and increased revenue-making, and from the improvement of their credit ratings — a real win-win situation. All this with low cost, transparency, safety and convenience. In this context, we have created the Crypto Tax Abatement.

Crypto Tax Abatement

Our Team

Droom Digital is a joint venture of the Droom Group with experienced financial market professionals and technology stars:

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