Droom Digital, especially targeting retail, democratizes access to investments in judgments.

Focusing mainly on retail, Droom Digital devises creative and innovative solutions to generate liquidity in judgments.

As Droom’s digital arm, we adopt cutting-edge technologies to democratize access to investments in judgments in Brazil. This includes digital fractional direct assignment of judments through a digital platform, registration through blockchain tokens and a special legal model.

Investors can acquire these fractions of judgments at lower prices, and the transactions are registered online. Safety and lower cost are guaranteed by blockchain technology, which is a public digital and immutable bookkeeping of operations.

Droom has started offering the first BRL 1,000 or BRL 10,000 tokens with the option of buyback if it exceeds the estimated maturity date. These securities generate returns well above the basic Selic interest rate (currently at 13.75% per year).

The whole operation is amazingly simple and automated. Through a distributor that can be Droom itself, the client shares their details and select the type of digital security desired. Then, they are emailed a contract to be signed online, with payment instructions via PIX or TED. Done! Purchase completed. After that, Droom Digital registers the fractional assignment operation on the blockchain and sends the relevant codes to the client for filing purposes. Droom Digital keeps track of the security and, as it gets paid, it transfers the amount to client’s bank account.

Droom Digital’s primary client is the holder of judgments. The client has proper mechanisms to transact them on the retail market and through digital channels, thus allowing to reduce the discount currently practiced in transactions, which may get as high as 40%, 50%. The secondary client is the investor, for whom we create investment products in simple, safe and profitable judgments. To combine the interests of holders of judgments and investors, Droom Digital establishes collaborations with digital distributors of investment products.

In addition to direct digital fractional assignment, Droom Digital innovates in many other ways to expand the use and access to judgments and, to that end, it forges partnerships with specialists. The projects include judgments and Securitization (according to Provisional Measure 1103/2022), tokenization and crowd funding.

To ensure good origination of controlled origin, hence safe, judgments, Droom Digital collaborates with major law firms.

At Droom Digital, owners or inheritors of judgments can avoid discounts as high as 50%, often practiced in negotiations with institutional and professional investors. Retail investors can also have easier access to investments in judgments, with safety and convenience, thus ensuring real gains with high profitability: from 10% to 30% per year, depending on the risk profile and maturity of the operation.

Droom Digital also operates institutional solutions. Another way of helping holders to derive liquidity from their judgments is by helping the public authorities to find technological solutions for easier and expanded access to tax compensation. Using our innovative model, government authorities can use hard-to-recover debts to reduce their own indebtedness to holders of receivables and registered warrants. In this context, we have created the Crypto Tax Abatement, whereby creditors can get paid earlier, debtors can pay off their debts more economically and the government itself benefits from it. Revenues go up, the local economy is boosted, and credit ratings are improved. It is a win-win operation at low cost, with transparency, safety and convenience.

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