What are the advantages of selling my judgment?

Immediate payment

Payment comes through within three (3) business days after the deed is signed.

Risk transfer

When you sell your registered warrants, you transfer the risk to the buyer.​

Have your dreams come true

As you wait to get paid, you probably have dreams you would like to fulfill. By selling your registered warrants, you will finally be able to fulfill them.


Selling registered warrants is totally lawful and protected by law, according to constitutional amendment 62/2009 allowing the purchase of receivables and registered warrants.

Have a look at the main steps of the process of selling your judgment.

Personalized quotes

Based on our first conversation, we will provide you with a personalized quote with the judgment amount, according to the client’s needs.

Credit analysis

Once the quote is accepted, our team of attorneys specializing in registered warrants will analyze the credit, while the creditor will provide all the necessary documentation for us to kick off the deal.

Deed signing

Upon documentary approval, the deed is signed.


Once the deed is signed, payment is made to the client’s bank account within three (3) business days.

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